Carry Water Type Mold Temperature Controller With CE For Injection Machine

The use of mold temperature machine in the plastic industry: 1, improve the product's molding efficiency; 2, reduce the production of defective products; 3, improve the appearance of the product, inhibit product defects; 4, speed up the production schedule, reduce energy consumption and save energy.

CE Water Type Mold Temperature Controller Competitice price

The mold temperature machine is widely used in plastic forming, light guide plate die casting, rubber tires, automotive interior parts, rollers, biopharmaceuticals, chemical reactors, bonding, and mixing. It is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, fast, and safe, with high utilization rate of heat source, no manual operation, and temperature control by circulation. With the reduction of traditional limited energy resources and the increase in market demand, the mold temperature machine is more and more recognized as an emerging heat source providing equipment.

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