Working principle of screw color mixing machine

Date:Jul 17, 2020

Working principle of screw mixing machine bai Use the rapid rotation of the screw to lift the original material from the bottom to the top of the barrel, and then throw it down in an umbrella shape and return it to the bottom. In this way, the raw materials roll and stir in the barrel, and a large amount of The raw materials are evenly mixed. The advantages of screw color mixing machine: 1. Automatic operation timing, overload protection, feed limit alarm and other functions; 2. It also has the advantages of less floor space, large capacity, low power consumption, labor saving, convenient operation, fast and uniform mixing; 3. It can be widely used in plastic flakes, crushed materials, powder materials, plastic particles, old and new plastic materials, and the addition of masterbatch to mix evenly. 4. Applicable customers: pelletizing, plastic material manufacturing, color masterbatch manufacturing, plastic modification, recycling of recycled materials, injection molding of large parts and other industries.

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