Working principle of double tooth roller crusher

Date:Jun 23, 2020

Working principle of double tooth roller crusher:

       1. The working principle of the double-tooth roller crusher The double-tooth roller crusher is a pair of roller crushers. The surface of the crushing roller is staggered with raised teeth. The two rollers rotate oppositely to crush the block. The tooth roller crusher is an important crushing equipment used in conjunction with the sintering machine. It is suitable for the intermediate crushing of cold and hot sintered blocks in the smelting and sintering sections of the metallurgical industry. The working condition and crushing efficiency of the equipment also directly affect the output of qualified sintered blocks and the operation rate of the entire sintering section.

       2. The structural design of the crushing tooth disc is very important for the double-tooth roller crusher. The design of the new gear disc is completely different from the previous tooth rollers. It contains a pair of spiral rollers. Each roller has a radially extending crushing tooth. The crushing teeth are arranged axially spaced apart along the circumference The family of teeth, the family of teeth on one roller and the teeth on the other roller, the teeth of the adjacent family of teeth are arranged in parallel, passing through the broken teeth on the two rollers Cooperate to bite, can crush small pieces of material better. However, large pieces of material cannot enter the occlusal area of the crushing teeth on the two rollers, and cannot be crushed. In order to solve this problem, the crushing teeth on each roller of the crusher are arranged sequentially in the axial direction. The adjacent crushing teeth need to be staggered 36° apart in the same radial direction of the main shaft to make the double rollers form an “eight” shape layout. In this way, when a crushing cone and crown crushing tooth on one roller pass between the adjacent crushing cone and crown crushing tooth on the other roller, large pieces of particles can be bitten and crushed. The double-tooth roller crusher crushing gear disc is the main crushing part of the tooth-roller crusher. The main working part of the double-tooth roller crusher is also the main vulnerable component. According to the type of crushed material, the production capacity and the cost The material and output particle size are different, so the parameters of tooth shape, fastening method, tooth height and so on will all be different. Therefore, our engineering technicians need to focus on this part when designing, and show the best design to us as best as possible.

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