working principle of dehumidifying dryer

Date:May 05, 2020

1. Dehumidification by adsorption runner

The thin plate impregnated with the moisture absorbent is processed into a honeycomb-shaped runner for ventilation to achieve the dehumidification effect.

2. Liquid absorption dehumidification

There are two types of liquid absorption dehumidification. One is to absorb water with a spray of lithium chloride aqueous solution. The dew point can be reduced to about, but the equipment is large, and the absorption liquid must be replaced. The other is to use capillary action to adsorb moisture to the solid. On the hygroscopic agent, the dew point can be reduced, but when the adsorption area is large, the equipment also becomes larger.

3. Compression and dehumidification

Compress and cool the humid air to separate its moisture to achieve the dehumidification effect. It should be noted that this dehumidification method is effective in occasions with small air volume, but it is not suitable for large air volume.

4. Cooling and dehumidification

Cool the air below the dew point, and then remove the condensed water to achieve the dehumidification effect. This method is effective when the dew point is above.

Working principle of dehumidification dryer:

The cooling system of the desiccant dryer (compressor, evaporator, condenser) reduces the temperature of the surface cooler to below the dew point of the air. A fan draws humid air into the machine to exchange heat with the surface cooler. When the water vapor is condensed and condensed into water droplets to exclude the body or the water tank filled in the body, dry air is discharged into the room. In this way, the indoor humidity is reduced, and the wet space is cut to achieve a dry effect.

Industrial dehumidification dryers can also choose temperature-adjusting dryers, which can adjust the temperature according to the degree of drying of the products. Heavy-duty industrial dehumidification dryers are generally used, but general air dehumidification drying is also selected for drying. There is no good or bad dehumidification method for the dehumidification dryer. When selecting, the appropriate dehumidification dryer should be selected according to the use and occasion

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