Will r32, r410a, r22 Air Conditioning Refrigerants Explosion? Why is this happening?

Date:Apr 30, 2020

Air-conditioning is a common refrigeration and heating equipment. Air-conditioning refrigerants may need to be added or replaced after it is used for a period of time. At present, the most common air-conditioning refrigerants in the market are r32, r410a and r22.  But it is rumored that the refrigerant will explode. Is this true?  Why is this happening?

The first cause of explosion caused by refrigerant is over pressurization.

The explosion may be caused by excessive pressure.  Generally speaking, the pressure required by the refrigeration system inside the air conditioner has clear regulations. Low pressure may lead to poor cooling and heating effects, but over pressurization may lead to explosion risk.  Because there is refrigerant oil in the compressor, which belongs to combustible gas, and the pressure is too high, the shell of the compressor may explode when encountering air.

The second cause of explosion caused by r22 refrigerant is open flame and improper operation

At present, most air conditioners are variable frequency air conditioners. R32 and R410 are used as refrigerants, which will explode when exposed to open fire. Open fire is prohibited within 5 meters of R32 refrigerant.  In addition, if it is a central air conditioner, oxygen will explode when entering the compressor, and the air conditioner compressor has two valves of high and low pressure. If only one valve is opened, explosion will easily occur.  Another situation is that if the circuit welds through the copper tube, the refrigerant will explode when it runs out.  Master Hong said that the general air-conditioning maintenance masters all know how to operate. Such accidents are mostly caused by negligence of the master and careless operation.  The cause of the accident is currently under investigation.

Will r32 and r410a Refrigerants Explosion?

R32 should be a refrigerant replacement model promoted by the environmental protection department in recent years.  There are few that have actually started mass applications.  Because this refrigerant is flammable, many problems have not been solved.  Previously common refrigerants R22, R410A and R407C have higher GWP (index of greenhouse effect produced by substances), which are non-environmental friendly refrigerants and have certain damaging effects on the climate.

1. R32 is a refrigerant. It is a new type of refrigerant. The variable frequency air conditioner has BP letters on it and ZBP is a DC variable frequency air conditioner. The common constant speed air conditioner does not have these two letters.

2. R32 refrigerant is flammable and explosive.  If the air conditioner leaks a large amount of refrigerant in a short period of time and stays in a certain space, it is still dangerous.  If possible, it is not recommended to purchase air conditioners using this type of refrigerant.

The above is the answer to the reason why the three air conditioning refrigerants r32, r410a and r22 will explode. Xiaobian kindly reminds you not to smoke while adding refrigerants. Technicians with construction permits should be selected and operated strictly according to the requirements.

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