Why is the opportunity for low-temperature industrial cold water slow

Date:Jun 02, 2020

[China Refrigeration Network] When referring to low-temperature industrial water chillers, many friends may know that low-temperature industrial water chillers are a kind of professional refrigeration equipment widely used in domestic industrial production. Many industrial production needs low-temperature industrial water chillers to realize industrial low-temperature environment. Sometimes, slow operation often occurs during the operation of low-temperature industrial water chillers. Relevant technicians can carry out preliminary treatment through their own maintenance knowledge.  For example, the assembly and disassembly of the compressor of the unit, the cleaning and maintenance of the refrigeration system, the addition of refrigerant, the debugging and maintenance of control system equipment and components, brazing, electric welding, leak detection, vacuumizing, unit pressure test, dehumidification, filling and discharging of lubricating oil and refrigerant and other related operations.  So, what is going on here?  Now let's introduce it to you.

The slow operation of low-temperature industrial water chillers is closely related to many factors, among which, in actual situation, the slow operation caused by improper installation position of low-temperature industrial water chillers is closely related.  At this time, we should first find out the wall structure, such as prefabricated concrete, and the indoor side is mostly office space or bedroom, study, etc., which is relatively empty, resulting in slow operation.

The operation of low-temperature industrial water chillers is slow, and water-cooled water chillers are sometimes related to the compressor conditions of low-temperature industrial water chillers.  Sometimes, if the three-phase compressor is reversed, replace the compressor inlet line to make it rotate forward, disconnect the outdoor fan motor, and judge that the compressor working current system pressure is within the normal range. If it is slow, replace the compressor.

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