Why do enterprises prefer water-cooled industrial chillers?

Date:Apr 13, 2020

Industrial chillers can be divided into water-cooled and air-cooled types according to the different cooling methods.  However, even if both have the same cooling capacity, most enterprises prefer to choose water-cooled industrial chillers.  Then why do enterprises prefer to choose water-cooled industrial chillers?

Advantages of water-cooled industrial chillers:

1. Compared with air-cooled industrial chillers, water-cooled industrial chillers are safer in operation and more conducive to maintenance and repair.

2. The water tank evaporator is internally provided with an automatic water replenishing device, so that the expansion water tank in engineering installation is saved for convenient installation and maintenance, and is suitable for special occasions such as large temperature difference and small flow rate.

3. Many water-cooled industrial chillers are designed with advanced products, which can meet the needs of various industrial production to a great extent. Many standard setting function keys of water-cooled chillers can be set to three decimal places accurately, with remarkable control and adjustment functions. At the same time, many condensers of water-cooled chillers are made of high-efficiency copper tubes with aluminum fins, which is very durable.

4. Water-cooled chillers have stable cooling effect, low price and low requirements on installation environment, and are especially suitable for enterprises with high temperature accuracy of chillers.  The basic configuration of water-cooled industrial chillers is the same as that of other chillers. It is mainly composed of four parts, with an internal circulating water pump added inside.  The circulating cooling water continuously supplied by the cooling tower can reach the refrigeration temperature required by the enterprise at a very fast speed.


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