Why die needs die Temperature Controller machine

Date:Jun 25, 2018

Why die needs die Temperature Controller machine

Why Moulds Need Mould Temperature Machine. The really important die temperature is the temperature of the die cavity. Regardless of the die temperature, the function of the die temperature machine is always to maintain the die at a certain temperature in a stable production process, from heating/constanting/cooling Role. Explanation of mold temperature too high/low; high mold temperature: good fluidity; high crystallinity; high shrinkage (thus resulting in small size);deformation; requires longer cooling time; low mold temperature: poor fluidity (and thus Causes flow patterns, weld marks); low crystallinity; small shrinkage (resulting in large size) so the mold warmer is the best assistant for the mold. The function of the mold temperature machine is introduced: The mold temperature machine adopts the high temperature pump and can be purchased according to the customer's requirements. It has high control precision and is suitable for various kinds of precision industries. According to the temperature required by the customer site, it is designed according to the different characteristics and requirements of the customer site. To meet the required temperature control requirements, the internal pipeline stainless steel in one molding, the tube heat loss is small, even heating. Pipe explosion-proof device unique heating design, multi-point temperature control unit can be customized, a large temperature control range, temperature uniformity and stability Fast heat conduction, fast temperature rise and fall, automatic control of temperature, quickly reaching the required temperature of various products, increasing production efficiency and ensuring product quality.



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