Which defective products can be digested by the edge crusher

Date:Apr 17, 2020

What kind of defective products can be digested by the edge crusher:

1, the products have depressions

The finished product is sunken and uneven.

2, the product has bubbles

In the process of injection molding, products with many bubbles sometimes appear, which greatly reduces the appearance of the products.

3, products have cracks

Cracking is a fatal phenomenon of products, usually manifested by hair-like cracks on the surface of products.

4, product warping, deformation

5, the products have focal spots or black lines

Focal spots or black stripes refer to the phenomenon that products have black spots or black stripes.

6, products have burrs

7, the product stick mold (difficult to demould)

When sticking of products occurs during injection molding.

8, the product toughness is low

9, product filling is insufficient (short shot)

Inadequate product filling refers to the phenomenon that molten material does not completely flow through all corners of the formed inspection space.

10, products have a binding line

Bonding line is a thin line formed by the merging of two or more layers of molten material, which is also commonly called welding line.

11, the product surface gloss is not good

The surface of the product loses the original luster of the material, forms a film or is in a fuzzy state, etc., which can all be called poor surface gloss.

12, products have flow marks (lines)

Flow mark is the trace of molten material flow, which takes the gate as the center and presents a stripe pattern.

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