What should you pay attention to before using the screw chiller?

Date:Jul 10, 2018

What should you pay attention to before using the screw chiller?

After the screw chiller is installed, check that the electrical system is connected properly. Under normal circumstances, the power supply of the unit is 3-phase 380V 50HZ. When the user receives power, it should be executed strictly according to the nameplate display on the chiller.  Check whether the pipeline between the screw chiller and the cooling water tower, circulating water pump, insulated water tank and the equipment to be cooled is correctly connected and matched, especially the pipe size. It should be installed according to the throat size of the screw chiller. The size of the water pipe is reduced, otherwise it will easily cause the high-pressure overload of the chiller to affect the cooling effect and even increase the power consumption.  Confirm whether the valves between the refrigeration equipments are open, whether the water inlet of the heat preservation water tank and the cooling water tower is smooth, check whether there is water leakage between the pipelines, and whether the chilled water pipes have insulation cotton as required. In particular, there is a membrane inside the circulating water pump. If it is not taken down, it will affect the use.

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