What should we pay attention to in the maintenance of chillers and freezers in autumn and winter?

Date:Oct 30, 2020

    After the holiday, we can obviously feel the arrival of cold air, which cools in different degrees from north to south, and the temperature difference increases day and night in late autumn. In our industrial production, besides fire prevention, we should also pay attention to the maintenance of coolers. 

    In general summer enterprise production, in order to ensure the cooling effect, the equipment cooling usually adopts the joint cooling scheme of chillers, chillers and chillers cooling towers. When cold air comes, some chillers will enter the dormitory dormant state. Therefore, before some enterprises shut down the chillers in advance, the protection and maintenance of chillers should be done well so as to run more effectively next year. 

  1. Clean and disinfect the water chiller system Cleaning, disinfecting and removing the dirt of water chillers can remove the sediment in the equipment pipeline and prevent the growth of bacteria, algae and other aquatic plants. We know that bacteria and algae can grow wild in winter, which will lead to pipeline pollution next year and increase the operating burden of equipment invisibly. Therefore, before the chiller is shut down, it must be cleaned, disinfected and descaled correctly.

  2.  Clean up the residual pipeline water in the cooling system Avoid residual water corroding copper pipes when encountering cold ice after unit components are shut down; The residual water of the pump row nut is discharged to prevent the system from freezing, which may cause damage to evaporator and condenser, leakage of refrigerator and damage to pump impeller.

  3. Clean the fan hood of air-cooled water chiller The fan blades are cleaned by cleaning components, without debris and dust, which is beneficial to the heat dissipation of the unit and achieve high-efficiency operation next year.

  4. check the water chiller parts wear For example, bearings, shafts and impellers should be checked for clearance and wear according to the inspection regulations of water chillers. Under the guidance of experts, the damaged parts should be replaced for repair.

  5.  check and clean up the dirt in the water tank tray tube box

  6. Check whether the electric control circuit is broken, deformed or corroded.

  7.  Clean the surface of the water chiller.

       After the chiller system is cleaned and dried, clean cloth can be used to seal the chiller, so as to prevent dust from falling off the chiller, increase the cleaning work in the next year, and ensure that the chiller equipment can be used quickly and fully in the next year. 

       Before leaving the factory, each equipment of CapitaLand and chillers will undergo rigorous testing to ensure that the equipment components are in good condition and can operate safely. In use, the following maintenance skills should be remembered: 

       1, regular observation and inspection of oil Once the oil quality has problems, it will threaten the operation efficiency and safety of water chillers. If problems are found, they should be replaced in time. The brand of lubricating oil to be replaced must comply with the manufacturer's regulations. 

      2. Regularly check and replace the drying filter Dry filter plays the role of separating refrigerant from water. When a fault occurs, water and refrigerant enter the unit at the same time, which will cause irreversible harm to the unit, such as liquid hammer compressor, reduced refrigeration efficiency, capillary ice blocking and other faults. 

      3, regular inspection unit safety valve The safety valve located at the high pressure end of condenser is an automatic pressure relief device, which can automatically relieve pressure when the pressure exceeds normal pressure, so as to prevent the harm of high pressure to human body and avoid safety accidents caused by high pressure. Therefore, the safety valve should be inspected regularly. 

       4. Charge refrigerant reasonably according to regulations If there are no other special reasons, a large number of leaks will not occur in general units. If a certain amount of refrigerant leaks due to improper use or maintenance, it is necessary to add refrigerant again. 


    As long as customers don't pay attention to the maintenance mentioned above and operate properly during the use of screw chillers, it will not be difficult to solve the problems, and the maintenance will be good, which will make the machine more energy-saving and prolong the service life of the unit.

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