What should I do if the plastic crusher fails to discharge?

Date:Jun 25, 2018

What should I do if the plastic crusher fails to discharge?

As a blade crusher, the plastic crusher uses the shearing and closing action of the movable knife and the stationary knife to cut and pulverize the materials entering the machine cavity. After being cut, the plastic crusher meets the size of the plastic crusher sieve. The material passes through the bottom screen to filter out the plastic crusher, and the plastic sheet material larger than the mesh aperture is rolled upwards again under the action of the internal air flow again to enter the knife cutting area for further smashing. However, after the material clogging or the non-discharging of the plastic crusher occurred, we analyzed the basic operation principle of the equipment. 1. The material entering the cavity is too small, and the plastic crusher caused by the upward rolling of the material under the air flow inside the cavity does not discharge the material. Solution: The material should be added continuously. 2. If the gap between the blades is too large, the material will not be discharged. Because the gap of the plastic crusher blade should be adjusted when the different materials are crushed, the materials should be adjusted so that the material can be repeatedly crushed. Solution: Adjust the blade clearance to the proper position. 3. The mesh opening is too small, and the bottom of the mesh is blocked due to excessive plastic feeding. 4. For the large-scale plastic crusher Henan Fukai Machinery is generally equipped with a discharge conveying mechanism. The customer needs to adjust the discharger according to the actual material during production so as to avoid the bottom of the screen from being blocked due to the slow discharge speed. Material phenomenon.

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