What should be done for the annual maintenance of the chiller?

Date:Oct 16, 2018

During the one-year non-stop operation of the chiller, there will be some debris generated more and more, and attached to the evaporator, condenser, cooling tower water system or filter, the refrigeration oil will also be polluted, so it is bound to It will affect the cooling effect of the chiller. Therefore, we need an annual maintenance of the chiller, which not only improves the working efficiency of the chiller in time, but also prolongs the service life of the chiller. Therefore, the chiller maintenance project should start from the following points: 1. Clean the condenser/evaporator of the chiller. Dongyuejin recommends that the cumulative operation be cleaned once every six months. 2. Clean the cooling tower water system, especially the basin and sprinkler system of the cooling tower (the impurities in the tap water may be fouled). 3. Check the refrigeration oil and lubricating oil system. If there is any pollution, it is recommended to replace it to facilitate the compressor to operate more freely. 4. Check if the dry filter is normal, if there is any blockage, and replace the brand new dry filter if necessary. 5. Insulate the compressor motor coil of the chiller. 6. Do a thorough investigation of the entire electronic control system and host circuit system of the chiller to ensure normal. 7. Check the amount of refrigerant in the chiller. If it is not enough, you need to replenish the refrigerant in time. 8. Check and calibrate the high and low pressure pressure switches of the chiller to determine that the high and low pressures are within the normal range. 9. Check and calibrate the chiller thermostat to ensure that the thermostat is properly displayed. 10. Test machine operation and total calibration, test whether the superheat is normal, and whether there is abnormal sound in each component.

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