What kind of equipment is commonly used in cold storage? How to select refrigeration equipment?

Date:Jan 08, 2020

[China Refrigeration Network] Cold storage with refrigerating capacity less than 60kw has a relatively large cost range, which is generally applicable to small cold storage and air conditioning units. The cost of such small cold storage ranges from about 30,000 to 100,000 square meters. Refrigeration equipment generally uses totally enclosed refrigeration compressor units. We see a large number of such air conditioning units in our daily life, and of course they are also applicable to cold storage.


Cold storage generally adopts refrigeration units such as Biesel and grain wheel. The internal units can adopt ceiling-mounted air coolers and exhaust pipes. Air conditioning equipment is a special case and the units are divided into many types.

1. Fully enclosed refrigeration compressor: the refrigerating capacity is less than 60KW, which is mostly used in air conditioners and small cold storage refrigeration equipment.

2. Semi-enclosed refrigeration compressor: refrigerating capacity is 60 ~ 60~600KW, which can be used in various air conditioners and refrigeration equipment of cold storage.

3. Screw refrigeration compressor: refrigerating capacity is 100 ~ 1200 kW, which can be used in large and medium-sized air conditioners and cold storage refrigeration equipment.

Common cold storage types:

1, a constant temperature cold storage, the storage temperature is between 10 and 15 DEG C, and products of tropical fruits, sweet potatoes and the like are stored;  (for 60kw equipment)

2, fresh-keeping cold storage, storage temperature at 0-5℃, storage of fruits, vegetables, food, medicine, etc.;  (for 60kw equipment)

3. Cold storage, storage temperature at-5-18℃, storage of ice cream, meat products, medicine, frozen food, etc.;  (for 60kw equipment)

4. Refrigerated warehouse with storage temperature of -18-25℃, seafood, food, meat products, medicinal materials, industry, etc.  (not applicable to 60kw equipment)

5, ultra-low temperature storage, storage temperature at-35-45℃, ultra-low temperature cold storage is generally used for dumplings, dumplings, zongzi, etc., need a shorter freezing time;  (not applicable to 60kw equipment)

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