What is the temperature control range of industrial chillers and how should the temperature be set?

Date:Mar 13, 2020

[China Refrigeration Network] Industrial chillers are commonly used refrigeration equipment in the industrial refrigeration industry. They are characterized by various types, complete models, affordable prices, special customization and wide application range.  More importantly, industrial chillers have high temperature control precision and wide temperature control range. So, what is the temperature control range of industrial chillers and how should the temperature be set?

1, high temperature industrial water chillers (5~30℃)

This chiller uses conventional refrigerant and can control the temperature between 5-30℃.  That is to say, when adjusting the temperature control range, the industrial chiller z* low temperature is set at 5℃, and the z* high temperature is set at 30℃, which is the temperature control range with more z* used in the industry at present.  However, some requirements are controlled at 3℃, which needs to be put forward and determined when making industrial water chillers.

2. Medium Temperature Industrial Chiller (0~-15℃)

Water freezes at 0℃, which is a common sense understood by old people and children.  So if industrial chillers are required to provide low-temperature freezing liquid below zero, can this be realized?  Of course, the answer is in the affirmative. The temperature of medium-temperature industrial chillers can be set at 0℃ to-15℃, and the coolant can be calcium chloride (brine) or ethylene glycol aqueous solution.  water chilling unit

3. Low-temperature industrial chillers

It can provide low-temperature industrial chillers below-15℃ to-35℃, which are usually used in chemical and pharmaceutical industries to reduce the temperature of reactor materials or to condense and recycle materials.

4, deep low temperature industrial water chillers

Industrial chillers that can provide low-temperature freezing liquid below -35℃ are called deep low-temperature industrial chillers. They use binary cascade or ternary cascade refrigeration systems, so they are also called cascade industrial chillers.  This shows that the temperature control range of industrial chillers is really very wide.

Since many customers use industrial chillers for s* times, they do not know much about the operation method.  In fact, the temperature setting of industrial water chillers is very simple. Each industrial water chiller has a control panel, which is displayed in both Chinese and English. When the temperature needs to be set, press the SET key directly, and then press the up and down keys to set the temperature.  However, different types of industrial chillers use different control panels, so the temperature settings of industrial chillers are not necessarily the same.

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