What is the strength of a powerful crusher?

Date:Apr 16, 2020

Powerful crusher is a multi-purpose machine with high shredding force. It is mainly used to crush various soft and hard plastics, crushing block, strip and nozzle plastics into particles. It plays an important role in the quick return of plastic defective products, waste products and nozzle materials and improves the utilization rate of plastics.  It can not only be used as an on-line machine edge grinder, but also be placed at the edge of the main machine.  It can also be used as an offline centralized treatment crusher in a production area.


Equipment characteristics:

The structure of the blade type knife is between the claw knife and the flat knife, which is suitable for crushing common sheets, pipes, profiles, plates and packaging materials, etc., with adjustable clearance and durability.

Large inertia wheel increases torque and productivity.

Overload protection of motor, over-load tripping.

The interlocking design of safety devices protects the safety of machines and personnel.

Alternate cutting can effectively reduce dust and save energy.

Heavy-duty bearing, dust-proof device and anti-noise baffle can effectively prevent vibration and noise.


Removable design, easy maintenance.

Equipped with casters, easy to move.  Shock absorbing feet can also be added to ensure smooth operation and reduce noise.

A pipe crushing and recycling system consisting of an optional suction fan and a storage barrel can give full play to the recycling efficiency.

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