What is the reason why industrial chillers cannot be started? How to solve it?

Date:Mar 10, 2020

As we all know, in the industrial field, the existence of water chillers cannot be underestimated.  Because of the smooth operation of industrial chillers, production efficiency can be effectively improved for processing equipment.  Then when the industrial chiller cannot be started during operation, the normal production will be greatly affected.  So what is the reason why industrial chillers cannot be started?  How to solve it?

Cause and Solution of Industrial Chiller Failure to Start:

1. First check the main circuit.  For example, whether the power supply has electricity, whether the voltage is normal, whether the starting overload fuse has been blown, whether the air switch has tripped, whether the switch contacts are in good condition, and whether the power supply lacks phase.  Observe voltmeter and ammeter when starting. When ammeter and voltmeter are not installed in industrial chillers, universal ammeter or stylus can be used to check the power supply.  When the power supply voltage is too low, the compressor will not start.

2. The industrial water chillers cannot be started. According to the instructions provided by the water chillers, we can understand that it is basically caused by idle running of the water pump. As long as the air existing in each system of the industrial water chillers is effectively released, the suitable operating environment can be satisfied and the purpose of starting the industrial water chillers can be achieved.

3, check the differential pressure relay and high and low voltage relay.  When the oil pressure of the compressor is abnormal, the compressor can be stopped.  At the same time, when the compressor discharge pressure and suction pressure are abnormal, the compressor cannot be started or the compressor will stop running soon after starting.

4. The problem that the industrial water chillers cannot be started is mainly caused by the fact that if the pressure at the inlet of the industrial water chillers is small and cannot meet the basic operating conditions during the operation of the system, the industrial water chillers will not be started at this time. If the industrial water chillers are not normally used, the industrial water chillers will also be unable to be started. At this time, detailed tests shall be carried out according to the specific conditions so as to find the cause of the failure smoothly.

5, check the cooling water quantity, water temperature is normal.  If the water volume is small and the water temperature is high, the condensation pressure will rise sharply and the evaporation temperature will drop rapidly. Due to the startup of the water chiller protection setting, the machine will often shut down quickly.

The above contents are the reasons why industrial chillers cannot be started and the solutions, hoping to be helpful to everyone.


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