What is the preparation works before using crusher machine?

Date:May 24, 2018

What is the preparation works before using crusher machine?

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1. The preparation work before using

According to the need of fineness, adjusting grain blade gap, with different aperture of the screen.

A: Open doors and incoming material nets, check whether there is room pulverizer things or metal material .

B: Check the gap of stationary cutter and rotary cutter. whether the bolt blade is locked , whether spring washers compaction effect.

C: Turn the handwheel, check with the hand is normal operation.

D: Check incoming gum plate and incoming connections are firm or not , Whether the lock nut pressure

E: The spindle bearing tsui should inject enough oil

2.The machine's operation

A: Operators must be familiar with the machine working principle and the structure

B: Check whether the motor to correct(Refer to the belt cover the arrows on the instructions)

C: Check whether the degree of tightness of the belt

D:  Boot for five minutes, check whether the idle running normal operation

E: When the machine work, the operator should take such as protective glasses and ears, and shall feed in the mouth side feeding machine, not facing the living charging.

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