What is the difference between PVC, ABS, and nylon shredders?

Date:Mar 30, 2020

Everyone should be very clear about PVC, and it will be used in many fields, so what can we do with PVC? There is a big difference between these several materials. For these three materials, the cutter inside is also essentially different.


Most PVC plastics are used for wire plugs. Nowadays not only many manufacturers in Dongguan area, but also many manufacturers across the country will need PVC plastics. Then you know that the molding machine will leave nozzles for each product, and Not 100% use of injection molding. So how will the remaining part of the nozzle material be handled? There are many factories that sell or downgrade directly. In this way, when a certain amount of water is expected in the nozzle, it is very worthless.

The cost calculated in this way is very uneconomical. In this way, if you spend a few dollars from the original dozens of dollars as waste materials, you will lose a large part of the funds. In fact, there is not much difference between ABS and nylon knives, except that the appearance of the machine itself is changing, and it is all silent when used. Therefore, it is the most famous silent pulverizer in the industry. When the machine is started, it cannot feel the rotation of the machine, and the sound of beating does not appear much, and it does not exceed 50 decibels.

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