What is the difference between a round cooling tower and a square cooling tower?

Date:Jul 06, 2020

The cost of square tower is high, and it is convenient to connect multiple towers in parallel. If you want to make the size smaller, you need to increase the height appropriately, and the noise is relatively low.

If the hourly flow of a single unit does not exceed 200 cubic meters, it is recommended to use a round tower

◆ Round tower: high-efficiency control of water temperature and low cost; It is noisy, occupies an area, cannot be combined, and is inconvenient to maintain.

◆ Square tower: low noise, convenient maintenance, multi-unit combination and beautiful appearance; The cost is relatively high.

The cooling tower is a device that uses water as circulating coolant, absorbs heat from a system and discharges it into the atmosphere to reduce the water temperature. Cold is an evaporative cooling device that uses the principles of heat exchange between water and air to generate steam, and steam volatilization takes away heat to achieve evaporative cooling, convection heat transfer and radiation heat transfer to disperse the waste heat generated in industry or refrigeration and air conditioning to reduce the water temperature, so as to ensure the normal operation of the system. The device is generally barrel-shaped, so it is called cooling tower.

Cooling tower is a comprehensive product of aerodynamics, thermodynamics, fluidics, chemistry, biochemistry, materials science, static and dynamic structural mechanics, processing technology and other disciplines. Water quality is a function of multiple variables, and cooling is a comprehensive process of multiple factors, multiple variables and multiple effects.


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