What is the difference between a plastic desiccant dryer and an ordinary dryer?

Date:Mar 31, 2020

Dehumidifier dryer is also called PET dehumidifier dryer, which is used to dehumidify and dry plastic. So what is the difference between plastic dehumidifier dryer and ordinary dryer? Under what circumstances do plastic dehumidifiers and dryers occur?

To understand this problem, we first need to talk about ordinary dryers. Ordinary dryers use electric heating to heat hot air to dry materials in the space at high temperature to evaporate moisture in the material. The inlet air heated by electric heating is the air in the environment. This is what we usually call a hot air dryer.

In dry and humid weather, the moisture content in the air is different. Therefore, in humid weather, incomplete drying of the material occurs. Because electric heating first heats the air that enters the air, but the incoming air contains high moisture, how can the material be dry and thorough? (Mainly reflected in materials with high moisture absorption, such as nylon).

For this reason, desiccant dryers came into being. In response to the above situation, first draw in ambient air to remove moisture from the air at a low dew point, and then use relatively dry air to heat it into the dryer to dry the material.

Therefore, the difference between these two dryers is that the moisture content of the inlet air used for drying is different. One treated the moisture of the inlet air and one did not.


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