What is Shuikou material

Date:Apr 03, 2020

Drainage opening material

Shuikou: it's a common Cantonese term, which mainly refers to the molding of gate and runner outside the product. Because of the same physical properties, the unqualified product and Shuikou are called Shuikou material after being broken.

Return material: it is the Mandarin name of Shuikou material.

Sublicense: it is relative to the genuine material. The genuine material refers to the qualified material with specification confirmed by the original factory, while the sublicense refers to the defective product under the specification. Some or all indexes cannot meet the specification inspection standard. For example, materials with quality problems in the production process of raw material manufacturers, connecting materials when materials of different brands are transferred to production on the same equipment, unstable materials in the start-up and shutdown stages, etc.

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