What Is Hopper Dryer?

Date:Dec 27, 2019

The hopper dryer is a replacement product of the standard hot-air dryer. Based on the original function, it takes full consideration of environmental protection factors and improves it. It dries raw materials that are moist due to packaging, shipping or recycling.


working principle
In raw material processing, the hopper dryer blows constant high-temperature air into the drying barrel through a drying fan. After baking the raw material, the original moisture in the barrel is taken away to achieve the purpose of removing the moisture contained in the raw material. The wind blown by the fan is heated to high-temperature dry hot air by electric heating. Through the screen protector and the hole screen device, the hot air can be evenly dispersed in the raw materials in the drying barrel. Optional hot air recovery device. The blown out air is filtered by the return air and enters the drying fan to form a closed circulation loop, saving electricity.

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Application range
Hopper dryer is the most effective and economical model for drying plastic raw materials. It can dry raw materials that are wet due to packaging, transportation, or recycling. The straight-knot design is particularly suitable for direct installation on plastic molding machines for drying, which is fast and saves space.

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