What is air-cooled water chiller

Date:Dec 15, 2020

Air-cooled chillers can be used in small systems, and most of the large units are water-cooled. The initial investment of water cooling is a little less than that of air cooling in terms of the main engine. But with the addition of cooling towers and computer rooms\electronic water treatment equipment, there is not much to go! Besides, in terms of long-term operation, the cooling of water-cooled units The efficiency will be relatively lower, and the air cooling will not.The air-cooled chiller adopts the air cooling method, eliminating the need for cooling towers, cooling water pumps and piping systems that are essential for cooling water systems, avoiding condenser fouling and water pipe blockage in areas with poor water quality, and also saving water resources. Among the cold water air-conditioning equipment products, the most economical and simple type of maintenance and repair.Air-cooled chillers have a slightly higher one-time investment than water-cooled chillers, but the annual operating costs are lower than water-cooled chillers. The construction cost of the computer room is the least among various air-conditioning cold and heat source systems, and the maintenance cost is about water-cooled. Or half the cost of the boiler.The noise and volume of air-cooled chillers are larger than those of water-cooled chillers, so they can only be installed outdoors. Most water-cooled units are installed in the basement

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