What are the simple working principles of plastic crusher

Date:Mar 30, 2020

There are so many types of plastic crushers and plastic crushers we have seen, but it seems that there are several that can be explored clearly. Each different model of machine has a structure that does not reach the knife. The same, and then there is horsepower, power, and inlet and outlet are different on the back of the knife.

    Today's plastic shredders support the simplest and most primitive functions. They can crush plastics and form them into regular granules. Whether you do plastic recycling or waste plastic treatment, it is more convenient. Advantages and disadvantages of slow mute pulverizer: slow speed, tooth-type pulverization, uniform particles, no screen, easy disassembly and cleaning, and can be equipped with an immediate recovery device to achieve the ratio recovery of crushed materials and raw materials. Low noise, the noise value is about 20dB when idling. Most of them are used for machine-side pulverization. Compared with the powerful pulverizer, the slow-speed pulverizer is only suitable for the pulverization of hard plastics, and the pulverization power is relatively small and the cost is relatively high.


Plastic crushers can be roughly divided into three categories: hard plastic crushers, strong plastic crushers, and plastic pipe plastic crushers. Hard plastic crusher is mainly suitable for crushing various small and medium plastic plates:

1. ABS, PE, PP board and other plates are crushed and recovered.

2. The rectangular-shaped feeding port specially designed for the crushing of plate material is convenient for the crushing of the long-shaped plate and improving the work efficiency.

3. The use of sealed bearings keeps the bearings running well for a long time; the knife design is reasonable, and the product is uniformly granulated; the heat shrink treatment of the knife seat, the appearance design is beautiful and generous. Powerful plastic pulverizer, the blade structure is between claw and flat blade, suitable for crushing plastic products such as ordinary sheets, pipes, profiles, plates and packaging materials.

Plastic pipe plastic crusher is suitable for crushing various small and medium plastic pipes, such as PE, PVC pipe, silicon core pipe and other pipes. In addition, the round pipe-shaped feeding port specially designed for the pulverization of the pipe material is convenient for the smashing of the long pipe and improves the work efficiency. An optional suction fan and storage bucket can be used to form a pipe crushing and recycling system to make full use of the recycling efficiency. The above is an introduction to the types of plastic crushers. Different plastic crushers have their own advantages, and the application conditions are also different.

   Advantages and disadvantages of the powerful crusher: the speed of the knife shaft is fast, the impact crusher cooperates with the cutting and crushing of the cutter, and it has a good crushing effect on most plastics, rubber, traditional Chinese medicine, wood-plastic products, etc. And the crushing power has a wide selection range from small to large. Small machines can be used for crushing on the machine and installing an immediate recovery device, saving manpower and material resources and turnover time. The large machine can realize centralized crushing and high output. It can also be equipped with a large bagging fan for recycling. At the same time, the crushed material is blown into the storage barrel by the fan. Compared with the slow pulverizer, the powerful pulverizer is noisier, and the crushed particles are not as uniform as the slow pulverizer.

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