What are the advantages of edge crusher?

Date:Apr 16, 2020

The machine edge is the crushing equipment placed beside the production line to directly recover leftover materials and nozzle materials. What are the advantages of the machine edge crusher?


1. Time saving: Recover immediately within 30 seconds, do not wait for centralized crushing, and be sure to be clean and clean.

2. improve the quality: the nozzle material will suffer oxidation after being taken out at high temperature, and will be wetted (absorb water) to destroy the physical properties. Immediate recovery within 30 seconds can reduce the physical strength and reduce the damage of color and luster.

3. save money: short-term recycling, avoid pollution, mix the bad rate caused by plastic, labor, management, storage, material purchase funds waste and loss can be reduced.

4. Wide application: suitable for crushing and recycling soft and hard materials such as PU, PVC, PC, ABC, etc.    

5. using medium speed motor, low noise, low energy consumption, motor with overload protection device, and power chain protection system, safe and reliable operation and cleaning.

6. Simplicity: Easy to disassemble design, easy to change colors and materials, small size and less space, suitable for use beside machines in small workshops.


In the plastic products industry, the edge crusher is widely used to assist in production automation, reduce human resources and improve production efficiency. It is divided into high-speed, medium-speed and low-speed models.  Pay close attention to Xiaoma, take you to understand the machine edge crusher, buy a more suitable model for you.

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