Water tower precautions

Date:May 30, 2018


                Water Tower Precautions

1.The reducer should always check the oil level of the oil level. Lubricating oil is recommended to use No. 22 to No. 28 hyperbolic gear oil or No. 90 to No. 120 industrial gear oil. In summer, the viscosity oil is large. 500 hours after the first operation, the oil was drained and replaced with new oil.

2.Fans, motors, and reducers must be inspected before operation according to the corresponding product manuals. In particular, motor wiring should be connected according to the wiring diagram provided by the motor factory. Sometimes the parties indicate inconsistency and it is easy to cause wiring errors. Meet the requirements before starting, start the order, from low speed to high speed. After the blade angle is installed according to the specified value of the sample, if the high-speed running current exceeds the rated value, the factory shall contact our factory at the stoppage speed. The criteria for adjusting the fan blade angle to meet the requirements are as follows: A. The height difference Δh between the upper and lower points is obtained by marking the upper and lower edges of each fan blade at 150 mm from the fan cylinder. The difference between the maximum and minimum values of the Δh value of each blade must not be Greater than 2mm; B, the elevation of the upper edge of the blade at 150mm from the fan, the difference between the maximum and minimum of the elevation value of each blade shall not be greater than 0.002R (R is the radius of the fan); C. The current of the motor is equal to the rated value at high speed operation The value of 0.9 ~ 0.95.

3.If the quality of circulating water and make-up water is poor, water quality stabilization measures shall be taken. A side filter shall be set up, and necessary measures shall be taken to adopt anti-microbial measures.

4.FRP is a combustion body, so the cooling tower must not be operated with open flame during maintenance. If the open fire is used, corresponding safety measures must be taken and must be approved by the fire and safety department. There are full-time firefighters and fire fighting facilities present. If flame-retardant glass steel is required, it is suggested when ordering that additional costs will be required.

5.Technical indicators such as thermal performance, noise and vibration, etc. shall be responsible for the design by the Fourth Design and Research Institute of the Ministry of Machinery Industry, and the cooling tower manufacturer shall be responsible for the product quality. For the assistance of the Fourth Ministry of Machinery to supervise the quality, the technical contract can be signed by the user, the cooling tower manufacturing plant and the four ministries of the Ministry of Machinery.

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