Water -coolde Cryogenic Industrial Chiller-Feature

Date:Jun 06, 2018

Cryogenic Industrial Chiller-Feature

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The water-cooled chiller is small in size and large in cooling capacity. It adopts world-famous imported compressors, and its low-temperature performance is excellent, reliable and durable. The product is designed according to the characteristics of industrial applications. It has a built-in low-temperature circulating water pump and a stainless steel freezing water tank, which is extremely convenient to use and is in contact with water. 

Materials are made of anti-corrosion materials, effectively prevent rust, corrosion, micro-computer LED controller, with temperature display, set temperature, automatic adjustment of frozen water temperature and compressor delay protection, select brand name contactors, relays and other electrical components , Equipped with complete indicators, switches, operation at a glance, built-in electronic water level indicator and alarm device, low water level automatic alarm, the operator can control the water level of the freezing tank through the control panel, timely replenishment, unique modular design, each The system safety of the Taiwan compressor is independent. Even if one system has problems, it will not affect the normal operation of other systems.

According to the 24-hour non-stop operation design, it can meet the cold source of various continuous production processes;

Equipped with various types of safety protection devices, stable performance, low noise, long service life, simple operation; using LCD display, operation Simple and convenient, operating status at a glance.

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