Vertical color mixing machine

Date:Jun 15, 2020

A vertical color mixing machine includes a mixing drum, a discharge port is provided on the side wall of the mixing drum, a rack is installed at the lower end of the stirring drum, a universal wheel is installed at the lower end of the rack, and a A motor is fixed inside, and the output shaft of the motor is connected with a rotating rod through a speed reducer, and the rotating rod is arranged on the inner side of the mixing drum, the outer wall of the rotating rod is provided with stirring blades in sequence, and the top of the mixing drum passes through the rotating shaft A cover plate is connected, and a lighting lamp and a camera are respectively installed at the lower end of the cover plate. The utility model solves the problem that the current vertical color mixing machine cannot be used by setting the lighting lamp, the protective shell, the camera, the control box, the display screen, the alarm, and the image sensor, processor and image output module inside the control box Observe the internal stirring situation from time to time, and the problem of not installing a security alarm device.

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