Various Business Links of Cold Storage Management System

Date:May 16, 2020

[China Refrigeration Network] Nowadays, many cold storage enterprises still use manual mode to manage the cold storage business.  However, the uncertainty of human factors leads to low labor efficiency and serious waste of human resources. Due to low efficiency, enterprises cannot complete the delivery task in time and accurately. The dissatisfaction of customers gradually increases, resulting in serious loss of customers.  Although additional manpower was provided, there was no systematic training, and the important work was still concentrated on the old employees. The efficiency was still low. However, the labor cost had been rising all the time, resulting in a loss situation, which made it difficult to operate the cold storage.

1, the use of cold storage area is low

Lack of awareness of location planning and placement, employees will place and pile up at will in order to speed up the completion of storage, which will not only reduce the utilization rate of cold storage space, but also be very inconvenient to walk and find goods.

2, Low efficiency of storage and delivery

If the warehouse's loading and unloading processes are managed manually, the efficiency will inevitably be low, because some employees are not familiar with the placement of goods in the warehouse, and in order to speed up the picking process, the wrong picking will inevitably occur, which will also take time to deal with this problem during the subsequent inspection and delivery.

3, inaccurate inventory

Inventory is the core of warehouse management, but man-made management easily results in inaccurate inventory data, such as counting less when purchasing goods and forgetting to record the quantity of goods after delivery.

4, Cost settlement is not allowed

Each owner's refrigeration charging method will be different, while manual calculation method is easy to cause miscalculation and omission.

5, Increased cost

The final result of the above four problems is that the enterprise's annual monthly cost and expenditure are too high, the profit is reduced, or even lost money.

From this, we can see that the traditional management of cold storage warehouse has not kept pace with the development of the industry, making enterprises in a disadvantageous position in the competition among peers.  After the introduction of the cold storage management system, not only the above disadvantages of cold storage management can be effectively solved, but also the real data of inventory can be accurately grasped, the storage of cold storage can be reasonably managed, and good effects such as first-in, first-out and automatic charging can be implemented, thus protecting the development of enterprises.

Solution of Cold Storage Management System

1. establish a standardized operation process, standardize the cold storage location, improve the quantity of goods stored in the warehouse and space utilization rate, reduce the workload of storage.

2. electronic billing process, easy to record, find, statistics and modification, improve the efficiency of the operation.

3. Data from warehousing operation are collected in real time and updated to the system after the operation is completed, without manual collection and entry.

4. Realize batch management of goods, and meet the requirements of first-in first-out and batch delivery.

5. Intelligent exit from warehousing operation can prompt the location, such as where to put this material/finished product and where to find it, thus greatly improving customer satisfaction.

6. flexible refrigeration billing function, to meet the needs of different owners of the cost.  For example, the zero warehouse can be calculated by board/ton/piece, the package warehouse can be calculated by day and month, and the inventory can also be managed.

7. You can print the expenses of each owner to let the owner know the expenses incurred this month, including the receipt and issue status, expense details and amount, tonnage of remaining inventory, etc.

8. Provide detailed report functions, including owner inventory, position inventory, daily receipt/issue, owner total expense details, etc.

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