Two major aspects of Plastic Crusher

Date:Jul 09, 2018

Two major aspects of Plastic Crusher


How is the plastic crusher worn? In detail, it can be divided into two major aspects, one is natural wear and the other is premature wear. Natural wear and tear is normal, no matter what machine, as long as you run for a certain period of time, wear will occur. There are quality problems, and premature wear is caused by incorrect operation during use. The difference between the two is still very big. Let's explain it in detail below.

First of all, the natural wear and tear, plastic crusher in the normal use and operation process, there will be friction between the parts, there is friction and wear, the time is very obvious. However, natural wear is usually slower and does not cause any harm in the short term. Therefore, it is natural. As the wear and tear becomes larger, the mechanical contact gap between parts will become larger and larger, and the parts worn for a long time will be Wear and tear cause the gap to increase, can not be a good combination, it will lead to a variety of problems, this time it is time to replace the parts. So premature wear is due to the unreasonable structure of the crusher itself, the uneven quality of individual parts, and the incorrect installation or even the damage caused by incorrect operation. These unnatural wear conditions are premature wear, premature wear is more serious than natural wear, affecting the normal operation of the machine and shortening the service life.

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