Treatment Method for Screw Chiller with Damaged Load

Date:Dec 23, 2019

[China Refrigeration Network] First of all, we need to confirm whether the compressor load is burned or the components are worn out. If so, the refrigerant system will inevitably be polluted. For example, the residual refrigerant oil will remain in the pipeline after carbonization, and the drying filter will absorb a large amount of water.  Therefore, if the compressor burns down, we must first analyze the causes of the compressor burning down: whether it is the temperature control quality problems such as contactors and overload devices in the control box;  Whether it is a set value change or adjustment error;  Whether the power supply voltage is unstable;  Whether the operator operates in the normal sequence, etc.

Screw chillers are mainly used in chemical industry, printing ink, large energy equipment, mixing plant, food preservation, central air conditioning and other industries. According to different heat dissipation methods, there are air cooled screw chiller and water-cooled screw chillers.  The compressor of screw chillers is usually imported from Taiwan Hanzhong or German Biesel brand. This type of compressor adopts 5:6 ultra-high efficiency spiral rotor technology, which is 20-30% more energy efficient than common compressors.  However, even the best product can't be used all the time, it will also have the limitation of service life, and it may cause failure due to improper operation. So, how should we deal with the problem when the screw chiller compressor is damaged?

If it is determined that the compressor is damaged and completely unusable, we should replace the new compressor as follows:

1. Remove the dry filter and use temporary detachable connection pipe or copper pipe joint to catch the short-circuited part;

2. Inject the cleaning agent into the pipeline system to clean the circulating flow. If necessary, replace the cleaning agent for multiple times of cleaning.

3. Blow dry the whole system. At this time, nitrogen with a pressure of 10kg/cm2 can be used to blow dry until there is no residual cleaning agent.

4. Install a good compressor and dry filter, and use nitrogen with a pressure of 10kg/cm2 to detect leakage. If there is no leakage, the remaining nitrogen can be discharged to the atmosphere from the high-pressure end angle valve.

5. At the same time, vacuumize the high and low voltage ends to 1000micro, and then check all power supplies and electronic control systems.

6. Add liquid refrigerant and start up for testing after reaching 80%~90% refrigerant quantity.  Note: The compressor must be heated for 2 hours.

7, replace the compressor refrigerant oil, observe the compressor operation with oil.

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