Three meals a day for a wealthy family in Dubai, too good, netizens: poverty limits my imagination

Date:Jun 12, 2020

After reading three meals a day for a wealthy family in Dubai, I finally understood that poverty limits the imagination of one person! In fact, let’s leave the food aside, as long as the word Dubai is mentioned, we can imagine that there is a place with money, but I never expected that even the food they eat every day is so advanced. To try their food, and feel the life of three meals a day, there is meat. Netizens said after seeing such food, I couldn't help drooling when I saw such food.

Probably because of regional and climate issues, their main food is mainly from the desert and the sea, so almost every day you can eat a variety of fresh seafood and barbecue, together with a variety of fresh milk and yogurt , Breakfast is so rich.

And there are many foods in Dubai that we can't even eat at ordinary times. They can eat king crabs, sharks, Boston lobsters. These foods are all worth a lot, and almost no such foods are available in our local area. Although it is said that only local tyrants can afford this kind of food in Dubai, they are really a little envious. Most of their breakfast will choose to eat fried rice, and they eat it directly with their hands, which seems very enjoyable.

In fact, their lunch staples are very similar to ours, they will choose more rice and flatbread, but their lunch seems to be more abundant than ours, with a variety of fresh fruits and grilled meats. A plate of salad, the most important thing is that there are many delicious seafood, you can also eat a variety of small desserts after the meal, their favorite food is date, and then drink a cup of coffee or thick fruit juice, such a rich cuisine, Really, having a very comfortable life, plus they like to grab and eat with their hands, and a group of people are surrounded, the picture also looks different.

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