Three basic principles in selecting cooling tower accessories

Date:Jul 06, 2020

Three basic principles in selecting cooling tower accessories;

1. Determine the flow rate: the simple method is to choose according to the actual flow rate and pressure of the circulating water pump on site; Or according to the amount of cooling water required by the equipment.

2. Determination of temperature: Determine the outlet temperature and inlet temperature of equipment according to the cooling water demand of equipment, that is, the inlet and outlet temperatures of cooling tower; In terms of temperature, cooling towers can be divided into three types: standard type cooling tower, medium temperature type cooling tower and high temperature type cooling tower. The standard model temperature difference is 5℃, the medium temperature model temperature difference is 10℃, and the high temperature model temperature difference is above 10℃.

3. Determine the installation environment of the cooling tower: select the type according to the installation environment position of the cooling tower. Generally, the medium and high temperature cooling towers are directly installed on the circulating water tank, and a cooling tower without water tray can be selected; The standard cooling tower is generally installed in the machine room on the roof or on the flat ground. According to the installation position, low noise or ultra-low noise cooling towers can be selected.

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