The working principle of the suction machine

Date:Jun 06, 2020

The working principle of the suction machine is that the control device starts the du motor to extract the air in the hopper, and at the same time closes the blanking device, so that the negative pressure is generated in the hopper. Under the action of negative pressure, the material in the storage barrel is sucked into the hopper through the feeding pipe. When the set time is reached, the motor stops working, the internal blanking device automatically opens the material blocking plate, and the material flows out of the hopper into the injection molding machine or other auxiliary machines.

In the industry, aerodynamics are used to transmit flowable materials, so that the materials are more conducive to the use of material transportation machinery and equipment.

The suction machine is widely used in the raw material conveying industry of the injection molding machine. It has convenient installation, simple operation, strong long-distance conveying capacity, stable production, reliable operation and operation, and auxiliary equipment for fully automated production:

The suction machine is also called plastic suction machine, feeder, feeder, filler, etc. It is suitable for short materials. If the material is too long, it is easy to wind the shaft and cannot be used. The suction machine can be used together with the crusher. When using, the size of the gong bottom hole of the crusher can be adjusted appropriately according to the use situation to meet the suction hole of the suction machine.

The suction machine can be divided into two types: direct suction machine and split suction machine. The single suction machine uses a carbon brush motor. The carbon brush is easy to wear and cannot be repaired. It can only be replaced as a whole. The split-type suction machine uses an induction motor, which can be repaired even if it is damaged.

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