The quarterly maintenance of industrial refrigerators plays a vital role.

Date:Jun 11, 2020

[China Refrigeration Network] All equipment needs regular maintenance. Industrial refrigerators play a vital role in production and are no exception. The problem is usually to maintain industrial refrigerators: "How much is it?  How often does "harmony" occur?  "Although there is little regular maintenance of industrial refrigerators, it is very important to add them to your regular maintenance plan to help avoid unnecessary losses caused by downtime. Basic maintenance of industrial refrigerators can be carried out quarterly by their owners without any technical experience.

Checking the industrial pressure is a good method to verify the function of the pump and whether the refrigerator is refrigerating. The pressure of the industrial refrigerator is dropping at an extreme level, which may mean that there is a problem with your process piping or the refrigerant content in your liquid storage tank is low.

Observe the external piping, so it is easy to check the coolant level in the reservoir.  Low coolant level will lead to major problems in the whole refrigerator. Verify that the level on the observation sight glass is at or above the minimum value indicated by the mark.  Your coolant mixture should also be recorded. Use a refractometer to check the coolant mixture and keep the coolant at 26% water.

Air-cooled chillers need air to work normally and a large amount of air is needed, so it is important to check the condenser for any flat or bent fins that may restrict the air flow. due to the required amount of air, we need to ensure that no debris (dirt, leaves, waste grains) clog the condenser, which means that plants should be kept away from the chillers at all times.

Visual inspection of the machine can tell you a lot. What should be paid attention to is the oil level on the compressor, to ensure that it is within the half-full working range, to pay attention to any abnormal things, and to check the liquid that should not exist in, on or around the refrigerator. This may be condensation caused by tearing of the pipeline or deterioration of heat preservation performance. It may be coolant liquid generated by leakage, or splash when filling the liquid storage tank.

Therefore, seeing the liquid does not always mean there is a problem. Repairing the insulation layer is an easy task. It is not only helpful for the beauty of the machine, but also helps to improve the efficiency, keeping the heat away from the coolant being produced. Spend more time and look at any other appearance problems, such as missing screws, scratches or coating fragments.

The items listed above are quite basic and can help your machine run smoothly throughout its life cycle. This is usually done every three months. It is easy to repair minor faults of the refrigerator. It is a good idea for your technician to do maintenance every quarter. Similar to your refrigerator, hire a reputable refrigeration technician to carry out detailed maintenance of your refrigerator every three months.

We can have an in-depth understanding of the machine and its working principle. Through the professional tools and training of technicians, we have taken a snapshot of the internal work of the machine to ensure that it is in the top shape. We can help you find the refrigeration technicians in your area and provide a regular maintenance list to keep everything going normally. As usual, we are here in Danes to answer any questions you may have. Please help us at any time. We will be happy to provide help.

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