the principle of low temperature screw chiller

Date:Apr 29, 2020

Screw refrigeration compressor is a type of volumetric refrigeration compressor. Compared with piston refrigeration compressor, it has simple structure, small volume, light weight, less wearing parts, simple operation; large single machine pressure ratio; Wet compression is not sensitive. Screw chiller It is an assembled refrigeration unit composed of a screw refrigeration compressor, a condenser, a throttling device, a lubricating oil pump, an electrical control box, and other components. It has a compact structure, smooth operation, easy operation, and infinite cooling capacity. It has the advantages of adjustment and small footprint, and has a wide range of use. It is suitable for large air-conditioning in hotels, hotels, factories, and hospitals, especially in high-rise buildings that are not under heavy load. It can also show its unique advantages.

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