The plastic mixer should be operated correctly.

Date:Jan 11, 2020

The operation of the plastic mixer seems simple, but the proper and reasonable use of the plastic mixer and the preparation work in advance can make the machine work normally and prolong its service life.


1. Before use, an idling operation shall be carried out. Before the machine is tested, the firmness of all connectors of the plastic mixer, the oil quantity of motor lubricating oil and the integrity of electrical equipment shall be checked. Then, the main switch shall be closed, the power supply shall be switched on, and the machine shall be tested in idle operation.

2. Empty operation test machine test.  The plastic mixer can be put into production only when there is no abnormal noise, high heat in the bearing, normal sound and rotation speed of the motor.

3. (Try not to use) If you need to shovel and scrape the material on the inner barrel wall of the machine during operation, use a small hollow PVC hose tool and do not use hands to avoid hand injury accidents.

4. In case of abnormal vibration or abnormal noises of the plastic mixer during use, the plastic mixer shall be stopped immediately for comprehensive inspection.

5. Don't use too much load, generally measured by the load of the motor, with 380V motor when mixing plastic heavy load current, with no more than 6 amperes as normal, such as more than load should immediately reduce the mixing capacity.

6. Shaft seals at both ends of the mixing screw shall be kept clean to avoid blackening and deterioration of plastic. Square holes shall be reserved at the outer stalls at both ends of the mixing barrel body, and shall be unobstructed. The plastic mixer shall not be blocked to prevent reverse pressure and dirt from penetrating into the shaft center to blacken and deteriorate the materials in the mixing barrel.

7. Managers must be familiar with the technical performance, internal structure, control structure and operating principle of the plastic mixer.  Do not leave the work place during the operation period to prevent the parts from being damaged due to faults, so as to ensure safe production.


Familiar with these operating procedures can improve the work efficiency. The plastic mixer machinery can work 24 hours a day.

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