The Performance and Features of Horizontal Plastic Color Mixer

Date:Jun 29, 2018

The Performance and Features of Horizontal Plastic Color Mixer

Horizontal Plastic Color Mixer Performance:

1.High-speed drying plastic color mixing machine is a combination of temperature and time control, with automatic temperature control, timing and overload protection functions;    

2.Roller-type plastic color mixing machine can rotate 360 degrees in all directions to mix, feed, discharge any position, operation is very convenient;    

3,Horizontal plastic color mixing machine is all stainless steel blade, scientific and reasonable structure, can fully stir the raw materials in the work, and will minimize the load, save time, save power;    

4.The vertical plastic color mixing machine adopts four-wheel upright design, small size and convenient movement;    

5,large vertical mixer with electronically controlled safety protection device to ensure the safety of operation.  

Horizontal plastic color mixing machine features:    

1.Suitable for plastic and toner, mixed old and new materials, feed and other applications.    

2.Cycloid gear motor, with low noise and durability    

3.Complete the homogenous mixing in a short time, low energy consumption, high efficiency;    

4.Made of high quality stainless steel, high strength, avoiding corrosion;    

5.Timer can choose mixing time from 0-30 minutes;    

6.Tiltable mixing drum for convenient loading and unloading;    

7.All-stainless steel blades are scientific and reasonable in structure. They can fully stir raw materials during operation and minimize the load, saving time and energy.   8,with safety protection devices to ensure the safety of the use of personnel.

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