The laser chiller is operating normally, but why can't the water temperature drop down?

Date:Mar 14, 2020

In the process of using the laser water chiller, many friends have encountered this situation: it is obvious that the laser water chiller can operate normally and there is no signal alarm, but the water temperature cannot drop.  So what should we do when the laser chiller is running normally but the water temperature cannot fall down?

The laser chiller is operating normally, but the water temperature is the treatment method that cannot be lowered:

First, the cooling capacity of the laser chiller is not enough to match the power of the laser equipment.

For example, we have encountered such a situation that some customers do not choose the type of laser chillers by themselves (the refrigerating capacity of the selected laser chillers is small) and cannot reduce the temperature of the laser equipment. In this case, the laser chillers with greater refrigerating capacity need to be selected.  )

Second, you are too lazy to do a good job in the daily maintenance of laser chillers.

The laser water chiller has not been cleaned for a long time, and too much dust has accumulated.  At this time, the dust net needs to be removed for cleaning, and the inside of the water chiller needs to be cleaned with dust.  Of course, at the same time also have to clean the waterway.

The replacement of circulating cooling water can be carried out according to the user's actual use environment, but in general, water can be changed once every six months in high-quality environment, once every month to one and a half months in low-quality environment, and once every three months in normal environment.

What has been described above is that the laser chiller is operating normally, but the water temperature is the treatment method that cannot be lowered.  If the water temperature of the laser water chiller still cannot drop after the user has tried the above two methods successively, it can be judged that there is something wrong with the temperature controller of the laser water chiller. At this time, the user can directly contact the after-sales department of the manufacturer for processing.

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