The importance of Plastic Crusher to daily life

Date:Jun 27, 2018

The importance of Plastic Crusher to daily life

In daily life, plastic is a lighter material with a relative density of 0.90-2.2. Obviously, can plastics float to the surface? In particular, foamed plastics have micropores and a lighter texture with a relative density of only 0.01. This property allows plastics to be used in the production of products that require reduced weight.

The vast majority of plastics have good corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis and other chemical substances. Especially known as the plastic king of PTFE (F4), its chemical stability is even better than gold, do not deteriorate in the "aqua regia" cook for more than a dozen hours. Due to its excellent chemical stability, F4 is an ideal corrosion resistant material. For example, F4 can be used as a material for conveying corrosive and viscous liquid pipes.

Ordinary plastic is a bad conductor of electricity, its surface resistance, volume resistance is very large, with a digital representation up to 109-1018 ohms. The breakdown voltage is large and the dielectric loss tangent is small. Therefore, plastic has a wide range of applications in the electronics industry and machinery industry. Such as plastic insulated control cables.

In general, the thermal conductivity of plastic is relatively low, equivalent to 1/75—1/225 of steel, and the micropores of foam.

It contains gas, which has better thermal insulation, sound insulation, and shock resistance. For example, the thermal conductivity of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is only 1/357 of that of steel and 1/125 of that of aluminum. In terms of thermal insulation, the single glass window is 40% higher than the single glass window and the double glass is 50% higher. Combining the plastic form with the hollow glass, it can be used in residential buildings, office buildings, wards, and hotels. It saves heating in the winter and saves air-conditioning expenses in summer. The benefits are obvious.

As we all know ,the plastic is very often used ,so the plastic crusher is very importance to us.


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