The effection of industrial feeder

Date:Jun 12, 2020

The suction machine is used for the raw material transportation of injection molding, and can be automatically fed to the injection molding machine. When the plastic central feeding system lacks material, it will give a signal to the suction machine. The suction machine uses the principle of ventilation to deliver plastic raw materials to the barrel of the injection molding machine. When the material reaches a certain level, the suction machine stops, and it can be conveyed again when the material is not enough.

The suction machine is based on the original suction machine, developed and designed a new type of small central feeding machine. It has powerful suction, simple operation, beautiful appearance, safe and convenient. The machine is equipped with a high-pressure fan and one or six central vacuum hoppers. It is suitable for multiple dehumidification and dry feeding or feeding a pair of six materials separately to different molding machines or barrels, which can greatly save space and cost, and can also be upgraded to multiple molding machines.


The suction machine can be divided into two types: direct suction machine and split suction machine. The single suction machine uses a carbon brush motor. It can be replaced if the motor is damaged. The separate suction machine adopts independent motor, which can be used with multiple suction machines at the same time.

The suction machine can be used together with the crusher. When using, the size of the gong bottom hole of the crusher can be adjusted appropriately according to the use situation to meet the suction hole of the suction machine. If the material is too long, it is easy to wind the shaft, which is not conducive to use. [1] 

Noun definition of suction machine

In industry and agriculture, the energy of air flow is used to transmit flowable materials, so that the materials are further conducive to the use of material transportation machinery and equipment.

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