The Difference between single-shaft and double-shaft plastic crusher

Date:Apr 17, 2020

Plastic crusher can be divided into single-shaft crusher and double-shaft crusher. What is the difference between single-shaft crusher and double-shaft crusher?


The single-shaft crusher equipment is only equipped with a moving shaft, and the blades are all installed on this shaft to form a mutual shearing form with the fixed blades on the cavity.  The main shaft is driven by a motor and a speed reducer, and materials enter the gap between the moving knife and the fixed knife under the drive of a spiral blade.  Because the blade is helical, the material will be squeezed, torn and sheared at the same time, so that the material can enter the equipment well and finish the work smoothly.


The double-shaft crusher equipment is similar to the single-shaft crusher, except that the moving shafts are changed into two, both of which are embedded with blades, and the two shafts rotate relatively to operate materials similar to the single-shaft crusher.  The double-shaft crusher is equipped with two motors with enough power to crush some materials with larger shapes and higher hardness.  Double-shaft crusher has multiple functions. It can not only shred all kinds of waste metals, cans, paint cans, but also shred all waste materials such as rubber, wood, woven bags, tons of bags, etc.

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