The difference between Hopper Dryer and Drying equipment

Date:Jun 28, 2018

The difference between Hopper Dryer and Drying equipment

With the acceleration of economic globalization, more multinational companies in the drying equipment industry have shifted their targets to the Chinese market. Today, the world's leading manufacturers of drying equipment, such as the Niro Group in Denmark and Okawara Corporation in Japan, have already established branch offices in China. In the face of more advanced technologies, higher-end products and more intense competition, our enterprises must improve their product quality through the cultivation of internal strength, strengthen their independent innovation, shape the brand image, optimize the industrial structure, and raise the level of development.

When we want to dehydrate a product, we all think of a dryer or a dryer. We all look for information about drying equipment and drying equipment. Because there is a lot of information about this type of product, we often Mixing drying equipment and drying equipment does not know how to distinguish between drying equipment and drying equipment. Here is a simple analysis based on personal understanding.

Drying equipment can generally be understood as equipment capable of drying products. It focuses on the result of "dryness". It does not refer to the drying process, such as microwave dryer. It emphasizes the result of drying with microwaves instead of process, so the drying equipment Broadly speaking, it can be understood as any device capable of "drying" products, including "low-temperature drying equipment", "high-temperature high-drying equipment", "air-drying equipment", "dehydration equipment", "drying equipment", "freeze-drying equipment", In any case, any method, any method that can dry the product can be called a drying device.

And drying equipment? It emphasizes "drying", which is a dry method or process, that is, put the product under a certain temperature environment, let it accept the "baking" of the ambient temperature, get the result of drying. Such as microwave drying equipment, it emphasizes the use of microwave generation temperature to provide the temperature to dry the product, it emphasizes the "drying" process.

Therefore, drying is a method of drying. The drying equipment is only one kind of drying equipment, and it is only one kind of drying equipment that uses a drying method to dry. It may be said that the drying equipment includes a drying equipment, and the drying equipment is just a common drying equipment among a plurality of drying equipments, and they are related to recording.    China's microwave drying equipment manufacturing industry has now developed beyond the land for 10 years. At present, the conventional microwave drying equipment required for the domestic market or some new types of required partial drying equipment can basically be manufactured in China. There is basically no need for microwave drying equipment.    

It is understood that the main products of microwave drying equipment in China include microwave vacuum drying equipment, tunnel-type microwave drying equipment, and cabinet-type microwave drying equipment. The application areas are mainly coastal cities with more developed economy and have gradually developed to the Mainland in the past two years. Microwave drying equipment accounted for less than 10% of the total drying equipment in the conventional drying equipment. The capacity of microwave drying enterprises in China to undertake large-scale drying projects has yet to be strengthened.    

In the international market competition, the main competitors of drying equipment manufacturers in China are Denmark, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, and Japan. Compared with competitors, although China's drying equipment is cheap, there are significant gaps in the level of automation, appearance design, completeness, and functional combination of products. At the same time, although China's drying enterprises have formed many unique products, such as spray dryers, internal heating fluidized bed dryers, flash dryers, etc., but the original innovative products are few, and in the processing quality, environmental protection requirements There are still some gaps in humanistic design.

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