The difference between Dryer and Hopper Dryer

Date:Jul 06, 2018

The difference between Dryer and Hopper Dryer

Many people habitually equate dryers and hopper dryers with one type of equipment. In fact, there are differences between the two. Some manufacturers also understand the difference, but the cognitive habits of consumers and customers make them have to Such a "smelly" sale.

As the dryer market has become increasingly prosperous, there are more and more companies that purchase equipment. For companies, be sure to carefully distinguish when purchasing equipment. The purpose of the dryer and the hopper dryer on the surface is the same, but it cannot be mixed. Both the dryer and the dryer function to dry the material, and all the materials containing a certain amount of water are dehydrated and dried. But they have two different devices, and they are essentially different. The drying work of the dryer is to dehydrate and dry the high-humidity materials, and to dry materials of various shapes, which are widely used in the industrial field. More can be seen in heavy industry or sideline, after drying, waste waste residue is converted into available resources, recycling and reuse, energy saving and emission reduction, and the sustainable development strategy of practicing scientific development concept. The dryer is powered by electric power, diesel power, wind power, flammable materials, etc., and is heated by the ambient air, and is transported to the surrounding area to achieve the appropriate temperature for dehumidification treatment. A dryer is one of the washing machines that is typically used to remove moisture from clothing and other textiles after the water has been eluted. Most dryers include a rotating drum that is driven by a belt with hot air around the drum to evaporate moisture. The drying cylinders are all based on the principle of positive and negative drums to achieve the effect of drying the articles. The dryer is a mechanical device that uses heat to reduce the moisture of the material and is used to dry the object. The hopper dryer vaporizes the moisture (usually referred to as moisture or other volatile liquid components) in the material by heating to obtain a solid material having a specified moisture content. The purpose of drying is for the purpose of material use or further processing. For example, the drying of the wood before the production of the wood mold and the wood can prevent the deformation of the product, and the drying of the ceramic material before the calcination can prevent the product from cracking. In addition, the dried material is also convenient for transportation and storage, such as drying the harvested food to a certain moisture content to prevent mildew. Since natural drying is far from meeting the needs of production development, various mechanized hopper dryers are becoming more and more widely used.

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