The difference between air conditioner and air conditioner:

Date:May 06, 2020

The difference between air conditioner and air conditioner:
1. The air conditioner can obviously adjust the temperature of the indoor air, and the cooling effect of the cooler is not particularly obvious.
2. The air conditioner can be adjusted to different temperatures as needed. The cooler cannot adjust the temperature as needed.
3. The air conditioner can remove the humidity in the air. The air cooler cannot remove the humidity in the air.
4. The air conditioner is bulky and expensive, and after use, due to indoor sealing, the air is not circulating, and the indoor air temperature is uneven, which is easy to cause discomfort and is prone to air conditioning diseases. At the same time, the power is large, the power consumption is large, and it is difficult for consumers to accept. The air cooler is small and cheap.
Air conditioners are divided into refrigeration industrial chillers and household chillers. Industrial chillers are generally used in cold storage and cold chain logistics refrigeration environments. Household chillers are also called water-cooled air conditioners. All-in-one evaporative cooling unit.
The air conditioner is the air conditioner (Air Conditioner). Refers to the process of adjusting and controlling the temperature, humidity, cleanliness, speed and other parameters of the ambient air in the building / structure by manual means. Generally, it includes cold source / heat source equipment, cold and hot medium transmission and distribution system, terminal equipment and other major parts and other auxiliary equipment. Mainly includes water pump, fan and pipeline system. The terminal device is responsible for using the cold and heat from the transmission and distribution to specifically handle the air and temperature, so that the air parameters of the target environment meet the requirements.

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