The development trend of chiller in China's industry

Date:Jul 03, 2018

The development trend of chiller in China's industry

The chiller is widely used in the fields of plastics, electroplating, electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, printing, food processing, etc. Various industrial freezing processes require the use of chilled water. Since its development, demand will increase geometrically in the next few years. In 2008, the annual demand for industrial chillers will reach 4 million sets.

China's industrial chillers completed the institutional reform of industrial chillers in 2010, with a total market demand of about 20 million sets. Good at grasping opportunities, committed to the research, production and sales of automated instrumentation, especially the research and development of industrial chillers and control products.

The chiller is widely used in plastic, electroplating, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, printing, food processing and other industrial refrigeration processes where chilled water is required, or it can be used for villas, restaurants, hotels, institutions, schools, factories, etc. The space provides comfort in the field of air conditioning.

The industrial chiller is a refrigerating device that provides chilled water, and can provide -30 to 20 chilled water or chemical solution according to the needs of users. It is especially suitable for cooling on production lines such as electroplating, medicine, chemicals, plastics, food additives, etc. where the production process requires chilled water. Take the electroplating industry as an example: in this industry, industrial chillers are used, and because there are many acid-alkaline solutions in the electroplating industry that require cooling, the corrosion is very large, and the service life is not long. The demand for chillers is very large.

Refrigerating machines in the refrigeration industry have basically entered the era of price transparency and market saturation, except for the market profits of the first two decades. Therefore, in such a market gap, only the industrial chiller in the refrigerator still maintains a fairly rapid upward trend, which is commendable.

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