The correct use of cooling tower

Date:Aug 04, 2016

The correct use of cooling tower

1, the preparatory work before running: cooling tower in front of the running, inspection and cleaning should be carried out two preparatory work. Its parts should be checked and to be problem-free before they can proceed. Shows need to check all of the following:

(1) clean up the lower basin of debris and silt, check that the pipe is blocked.

(2) use high pressure water (water should not be too high) thermal film and washing basin at the end of the Earth, and through the outfall discharge their effluents

(3) check the motor wiring is correct and secure, whether the motor junction box cover tight to avoid water infiltration

(4) checking belt tension of the belt transmission

(5) check the fan rotation is flexible and smooth, the fan blades and the Tower housing is even

(6) check that the float valve assembly is installed

(7) check the suitability of layer number and density of film

(8) check the cooling tower tighten all bolts are

2, the operation of cooling towers

(1) water level adjustment: the cooling tower water basins and pipes filled with water until the water level float valve adjusted to operating level, pump can be guaranteed after opening lower basin water levels are still in the running water, where the following 15MM the overflow.

(2) connected to the motor switch, looking down from the top of the water to observe the fan should rotate in a clockwise direction, air flow from the top of the water to draw out. Start circulating water system, check the operating current at this time, its current value does not exceed motor nameplate rated current 95%. After the pump is running, water entered through the Center tube to rotate multicast system, located in your pipe size on shower water, require water even, fine.

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