The cold and hot integrated mold temperature machine

Date:May 06, 2020

The cold and hot integrated mold temperature machine is divided into a heating part and a cooling part, and is controlled by two sets of systems. Then according to the specific requirements of use, automatically adjust the heating or cooling function. Since the two systems operate independently, they can achieve rapid heating and cooling. This feature of the cold and hot integrated mold temperature machine can improve production efficiency faster, suppress product defects, and reduce the occurrence of defective products.

In practical industrial applications, there is usually a mold or other control objects that require both high and low temperatures. In the production process, it is often the case that the cold mold and the hot mold work together. Generally, the hot mold requires a circulating heating device to control its temperature, to achieve the melting or hot press forming of the material product; Materials and products are cooled rapidly to facilitate demoulding into the next production process, and there are also chemical or physical effects through cooling to achieve other purposes.

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