Step of powder mixing

Date:Jan 07, 2020

1. firstly, the formula and each powder in the mixing task are determined.

2, detecting and analyzing physical characteristic indexes of the powder to be mixed.

The physical indexes of various materials to be mixed are detected and registered, and the differences between various powders are analyzed. If the differences are small, equipment mixing can be directly carried out. If the differences are large, the non-ideal powders need to be pretreated before mixing according to specific conditions to reach the ideal state.

3. Pre-treatment at the early stage of mixing.

The purpose of pretreatment is to reduce the difference between various powders and make them easier to mix evenly.

Common practices include:

A. when the difference between coarse powder and fine powder is large, the coarse powder can be ground and treated.

B. when the difference between light and heavy powder is large, the heavy powder can be ground and treated (this is because the smaller the particle size, the lighter the specific gravity of the powder under the same other conditions).

4. Use mixing equipment to implement mixing process.

Select the appropriate mixing equipment to formulate the mixing process, determine the mixing batch size, mixing time, etc., and mix on the machine.

5. Analysis of mixed results.

It is difficult to accurately judge the uniformity of powder mixing results.

Common detection methods:

A. terminal product inspection method.

B. microscopic observation.

C. chemical sampling assay.

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